Breast Reconstruction Information

Many patients who have had a mastectomy to remove one or both breasts may desire a breast reconstruction procedure to restore natural-looking, feminine contours to their figure.  The breast reconstruction procedure can be customized, depending upon the needs and goals of the patient. Our skilled plastic surgeon has helped many breast reconstruction patients from throughout the Greenwich and Stamford areas and across the Northeast.

The Breast Reconstruction Procedure

Several important decisions regarding breast reconstruction will be made prior to surgery. Our plastic surgeon will thoroughly discuss each option with you and help you choose the one that’s most appropriate for your goals, health, age, and body type.

The breast reconstruction procedure is typically performed in stages, which involve recreating the breast mound and constructing the nipple and areola. The first stage of breast reconstruction, the creation of the breast mound, can be performed immediately after the mastectomy or it can be performed after the patient has fully healed from mastectomy.

Either implant reconstruction or flap reconstruction will be performed to recreate the shape of the breast. In implant reconstruction, a silicone balloon expander is placed under the skin. Over a period of several weeks or months, saline is gradually added to the expander, stretching the skin to make room for the breast implant. The expander is then replaced with a breast implant, such as the type used in breast augmentation procedures.

In flap reconstruction, the breast is created using skin, fat, and tissue that are taken from another area of the body such as the abdomen, back, or buttocks. If tissues from the abdomen are used, then the patient will enjoy the added benefits of a tummy tuck procedure. Implants may also be used in conjunction with flap reconstruction procedures.

After the new breast mound is created, permanent makeup can be used for areolar reconstruction. Color is applied to the nipple area to create a natural-looking areola on the new breast.

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After Breast Reconstruction

After the first stage of breast reconstruction, patients will need to stay in the hospital for two to five days. Patients may experience mild discomfort for the first few weeks after surgery, including itching, bruising, and swelling. However, medication will be prescribed to alleviate any pain.

Recovery time varies depending upon the individual and the type of breast reconstruction performed, but most patients are able to resume all of their normal activities within six weeks. Patients who have  flap reconstruction may have a longer recovery time than those who undergo implant reconstruction. Additional recovery time may also be necessary for patients who undergo nipple and areola reconstruction. To ensure that healing takes place as smoothly and as quickly as possible, we monitor all our patients closely during the recovery period.

Our plastic surgeon is skilled at minimizing the appearance of scars. By placing incisions in discreet locations, scars will be inconspicuous, and they will continue to fade over time. In addition to the scars that will be present after surgery, it’s also important to remember that normal breast sensation will not return after breast reconstruction, but patients may regain some feeling over time.

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Schedule a Breast Reconstruction Consultation at Our Practice in Greenwich near Stamford 

Through the breast reconstruction procedure, our skilled plastic surgeon has helped breast cancer patients from Greenwich, Stamford, and nearby areas restore their figures and enjoy a renewed sense of femininity after undergoing a mastectomy. We invite you to contact our plastic surgery practice today to schedule a private consultation to learn more about the procedure and how it can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

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Dr. Steven Fern is pleased to offer women of Manhattan, White Plains, Stamford, Greenwich, and nearby areas advanced breast reduction solutions. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about breast reduction surgery.

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