Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift Surgery

We understand that breast augmentation and breast lift can help a woman gain confidence in her appearance. In our society, full, firm, and symmetrical breasts symbolize the ideal feminine form.  Many women feel that their breasts are small, saggy, or uneven.  Others have experienced loss of breast volume or disfigurement after pregnancy, illness, weight loss, trauma, or prior surgery.  This can make a woman feel self-conscious, less feminine, or undesirable. We have helped many patients from Greenwich, Stamford, New Canaan, and nearby areas to attain the shapely figure they desire with the breast augmentation and breast lift procedures.

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

Using implants to add volume and shape to the breasts, we can create a more voluptuous and attractive bustline.  At the present time, this can be done with either saline or with silicone breast implants.  If the patient has more than a small amount of breast sag, or ptosis, a breast lift may be necessary to raise and restore proper nipple height.  Breast augmentation can be performed in conjunction with a breast lift to correct both breast volume and nipple position issues when necessary.

Breast augmentation is usually performed under general anesthesia.  For the surgery, we make an incision either beneath the breast, around the nipple, or in the armpit, depending on patient desire and body type.  On occasion, the implant can be placed through an umbilical or abdominal incision, particularly when performed with a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) or after an abdominal procedure.  A saline or silicone breast implant is then placed behind the natural breast tissue (the submammary position) or behind the chest wall muscle (the submuscular position).  Saline breast implants are filled with a sterile solution that is very similar to the body's natural fluids.  Silicone breast implants come pre-filled with a malleable silicone gel that more closely resembles the consistency of natural breast tissue.  In addition, there are round or tear-drop shaped and smooth or textured surface implant choices.  Each type of implant has its own advantages and disadvantages.  These are discussed with the patient preoperatively to ensure that the best implant is chosen for each patient.  After implant placement is optimized, we close the incision with fine stitches and surgical tape.  A supportive bra or breast binder is then applied.  Breast augmentation surgery generally takes one and a half to three hours to complete.

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After Breast Augmentation Surgery

After surgery, the patient may experience soreness and bruising in and around the treatment area for a couple of days.  Recovery may be slightly longer when the implants are placed in the submuscular position.  However, most patients are able to return to work and gentle, non-strenuous activity within a week or two.  Full recovery and return to a normal, active lifestyle may take three to four weeks.

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Breast Lift Surgery

Over time, as skin loses its elasticity, breasts may begin to droop and sag. The breast lift procedure is designed to restore firmness to the breasts as well as to raise them to a more youthful looking position on the chest.  Breast augmentation can be performed in conjunction with breast lift surgery to enhance the size of the breasts.

General anesthesia is required for most breast lift procedures. The incision type will be chosen based on the size and shape of the patient’s breasts. Although some scarring after breast lift surgery is unavoidable, incisions are placed carefully and discreetly to minimize the appearance of scars as much as possible. After the incision is made, excess skin below the nipple is removed and the nipple and areola are positioned higher on the chest. The skin above the nipple is then brought down around the swell of the breast in order to complete the reshaping procedure.

The patient may notice some swelling and discomfort for a few days after surgery. Medication can be prescribed to alleviate pain during this period. A surgical bra will be worn for a few days and then a sports bra will be worn for several weeks to facilitate recovery. Most patients are able to return to work after one to two weeks of their breast lift procedure, but bending, lifting, and strenuous activities should be avoided for up to four weeks.

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Choosing a highly skilled plastic surgeon who has extensive knowledge and experience with all types of cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery is essential to achieving optimal results in breast augmentation and breast lift.  Many individuals from the Greenwich, Stamford, and New Canaan areas have already chosen our practice for their breast augmentation and breast lift procedures and are extremely pleased with their results. If you are considering breast augmentation or lift, schedule a consultation with our expert cosmetic breast surgeon today.  Your visit will be relaxed, focused, and informative.

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